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Aqua Shampoo Wash Gloves
Aqua Shampoo Wash Gloves

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Aqua Shampoo Wash Gloves


Disposable, waterless shampooing 

In the absense of water, or for a bedridden patient, the no rinse shampoo glove allows you to wash your hair leaving it clean and fresh smelling without using water.

The disposable shampoo mitts are premoistened with a lotion shampoo which is gentle to your skin, hypoallergenic and dermatalogically tested.

Wash your hair without water

Your hair does not need to be rinsed after using an Aqua Shampoo Glove nor will you need a towel to dry your hair. The lotion shampoo dries quickly and will leave your hair clean and smelling fresh.

Aqua Shampoo Wash Mitt for Caregivers 

Shampoo Wash Mitt is ideal for hospitals, nursing homes or home health care situations. A major complaint in hospitals is that your hair is not washed frequently which is very unpleasant for most people.

Shampoo Glove for travel, camping, boating

No rinse shampoo products are frequently used for travel or while hiking, boating, and other sporting activities.

Twelve Aqua Shampoo Gloves in each re-sealable package.

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