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Automatic Swing Door Opener Wall Mount Transmit

SKU SL201wm

Want a better solution to the 4-Button transmitter keychain? This WallMount Activating Switch has the flexibility of being a keychain transmitter that travels with you, or a permanent Swing Door Opener transmitter.

This is ideal for someone with multiple Automatic Swing Door Opening Systems within their facility because it eliminates the need to carry a remote transmitter with them from room to room. They can simply touch the buttons on the activating switch wherever it is mounted!

Whether you need the WallMount transmitter lower for someone in a wheelchair, or higher up for a taller adult, it can be placed wherever a wall or sturdy location can be reached! The switch comes with the mounting hardware to allow for this ideal wall mounting position.

Its two button design can either operate one door in an open/close mode, or two doors in the toggle mode. If you chose for two doors to be operated from the one switch then you might take advantage of the keychain characteristic, by sliding it out of the WallMount you can take it with you anywhere!

Your Price $33.95

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The Automatic Swing Door Opener keypad is a great alternative to the 4 Button Transmitter. It attaches to the wall and has the ability to store up to four different passwords.