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Cleanis Classic Care S Disposable Liners

SKU CM78317

Cleanis Classic Care S Bags fit round commode buckets or small bed pans

Bed pans and commode pails - they stink and they are disgusting.  No one wants the job of emptying the pan.  But you never have to spill a pan or pail again.   

Caregivers can avoid the spread of infection caused by spillage or contact with body fluids. 

Each Cleanis Care Bag disposable pan liner has a GelMax absorbent pad that quickly absorbs liquids and holds solids without odor.

Simply line the pail or pan with a Cleanis Care Bag liner.  All liquid collected is converted to a gel - no spilling.  And, no odor! 

Care Bag systems are polyethylene bags with pull tie closures.  Double soldered seams along with the pad means no risk of leaking.  Cleanup is easy as tying the bag closed and disposing in the trash.

Comes in a zippered bag of 20 disposable liners with built in tie closures.  Each disposable bag is 19.25 inches by 14 inches.

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