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Derby P Guard
Derby P Guard

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Derby P Guard

SKU HPS60341

Urine guard for the toilet for men who sit

The P-Guard prevents embarrassing and unhygienic accidents which sometimes happen when gentlemen have to sit to use the toilet.

From a seated position, the cup deflects urine down into the toilet.

The flap prevents spillage under the toilet seat.

Imported from England and manufactured by Gordon Ellis, this fine toileting aid will prevent the spashes and accidents. This benefits everyone as the bathroom will be cleaner and with far less effort.

The P Guard can be affixed to any toilet. It can be attached to porcelain toilets with self-adhesive pads which are included in the package. Or, it can be attached to any toilet seat with screws.

The P-Guard is easily detachable, and easy to clean.

The guard cup is safe, soft and flexible. The jointed links allow for variable positioning. Directions for installing on your toilet are included in the packaging.


Customer Reviews

I have bought several of these over the years because my friends wanted one too. The price has actually come down over the years. Saves a lot of cleaning and mess. Wouldn't do without one. Connie T, Salem Oregon

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