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Big John Wall Mount Toilet Support
Big John Wall Mount Toilet Support

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Big John Wall Mount Toilet Support

SKU BJ11919

Supports for wall mounted toilets increase weight capacity to 1000 pounds!

The Big John Toilet Support is engineered to be raised up for cleaning access. Wall mounted toilets are installed in public residences, hospitals, schools, office buildings, etc. for sanitary reasons as the floor underneath the toilet bowl is more accessbible for cleaning.   The ability to "raise up" the support allows for complete cleaning underneath the toilet bowl.

Easy to install and available in two sizes

• Discreetly mounts under most wall mounted toilets, providing additional vertical support.
• Maintains the cleaning ability of a wall mounted fixture.
•Specially engineered leg base can be raised up to 4” for cleaning access.
•Leg made of High Impact ABS, with the Carriage and Foot made of a chemical and stain resistant flexible PVC that forms to the contour of the toilet.
•Complies with Center of Excellence requirements. Perfect for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Government Facilities, Stadiums, Airports, Theaters, Office Buildings and virtually every wall mounted toilet.
•Regular Height Support - 11919 From 7.5” to 14”
•Short Height Support - 11919-S From 5 ” to 7.5”
•Top of Short Toilet Support Swivels
New optional Toilet Support Stop now available. Used in high traffic areas or where there is potential for vandalism.

Made entirely in the USA using only the highest quality materials!

Your Price $199.00

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