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Easy Grip Universal Cup  (Pkg/3)
Easy Grip Universal Cup (Pkg/3)

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Easy Grip Universal Cup (Pkg/3)

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SKU MY1001

The Easy Grip Universal Cup is a new award winning ergonomic cup with unique, finger indented, slip resistant, textured grips.

The Easy Grip Cup offers a secure and very comfortable hold on the cup. The cup holds 12 fluid ounces and can be used with either hot or cold liquids. The grip on this cup is so secure that with wet hands or even greasy hands, this cup will not slip and drop out of your hand. The grip area is even insulated, reducing the effects of heat or cold on your fingers while holding.

AND you can microwave this cup and put it is dishwasher safe too!

This cup was developed by a research and design studio which develops and produces tableware for independent living. The cup is light, well balanced, easy to grip and was designed for users with reduced strength, limited mobility, and swollen or painful joints associated with various hand conditions.

The Easy Grip cup is 3.75 inches high and 3.25 inches in diameter. The cup is made of polypropylene.

This product has undergone extensive testing procedures and collaboration with the following professionals: Rheumatologists, Hand Therapists, Occupational Therapists and most importantly the end users, and specifically users with Arthritis. Through this process, the manufacturer strives to maintain both aesthetic and ergonomic excellence.

This product was showcased in the Smithsonian Design Museum and has been honored with several awards and hot new product designations.

"This plastic cup/glass feels so good in my hand. I just love it"
BU, Georgia

Package of three cups

Made in the USA!

Please shop carefully, this item is non-returnable.

Your Price Discontinued!

Customer Reviews

Love this drinking plastic glass. Easy to hold. Great for my grandkids too

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