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Euro Sling
Euro Sling

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Euro Sling

SKU KE65625

The Euro Sling is a counter balance sling providing functional assistance during muscle re-education for patients with impairment or paresis of the shoulder muscles, cervical spine injuries, shoulder nerve injuries, hemiplegia, multiple sclerosis and certain forms of rheumatoid arthritis. 

Passive support for ADL training

The Euro Sling can be used as a passive support for training in ADL activities, eating skills, grooming, etc. 

Resistive exercise device

It can also be used as a resistive exercise device.  The sling support cross bar can be adjusted to provide more distal support to the hand to assist in reach extension, or proximal to the shoulder to assist with shoulder lift.

Arm swing distance may be restricted to control elbow flexion and extension.  The distance for internal and external shoulder flexion and extensions may also be restricted as needed.

Arms can be supported and exercised individually.

Adjustable weights on the Euro Sling provide multiple incrementation for correct assistance as well as resistance to the deltoids, making the patient utilize what strength they have in these muscles.

The sling arm provides proximal support to the shoulder for exercising and assists in functional reaching activities.  Telescoping shoulder width adjustment and telescoping arm length adjustment are built in the Euro Sling for proper body alignment.  Dual horizontal pulley wheels provide smooth transitioning during internal and external movements.

The base width of the Euro Sling is 35.5 inches (80 cm.)


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