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EVA  Pneumatic Support Walker
EVA Pneumatic Support Walker

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EVA Pneumatic Support Walker

SKU KE83531

Support walkers are also known as Cardiac Walkers and Safety Rollers

The Eva® Pneumatic Support Walker supports the patient's weight when mobile or exercising.  This walker is particularly well suited for Post-op patients when early walking exercises are indicated and there is a concern for possibilities of a fall. 

EVA Adult Support Walker is available in two sizes: Home style and Institution style.

The Home style measures 28 inches wide at the base to easily fit through doorways and narrow hallways. The Institution style measures 31 1/2 inches wide at the base to provide a wider entrance for wheelchair use.

The EVA Support Walker also comes in two models: Standard or with Directional Casters.  

   The Standard Eva Walker has step on caster locks on the rear wheels.   All four wheels swivel 360 degrees.

   The Eva Walker with Directional Casters have easier to control wheels; when activated, the directional casters cause the rear casters to hold a straight line. When not needed, these locked casters can be released  and all wheels will swivel 360°. This model is ideal for both use with a physical therapist or just by the patient alone;

Eva Support  Pneumatic is adjustable for height and width with an easy to release lever mechanism.  The height is adjustable from 35 inches to 47.5 inches.  The width can be adjusted from 12 inches to 20 inches.  This adjustability provides flexibility for the use of the EVA for one or more individuals in a rehabilitation facility. 

The padded, ergonomically molded arm-pads have a sculpted forearm cutout to keep the arms from sliding off the pads. They are removable and can easily be cleaned and sanitized making it ideal for institutions with a variety of users. 

The EVA Pneumatic Support Walker is constructed of a welded steel frame with baked epoxy enamel finish. The non-marring casters are equipped with step on wheel locks on the rear casters.

Handgrips are a more comfortable round shape and are forward facing, providing a better and more ergonomic grip.  These ergonomically designed Handgrips are now a standard feature on the Eva Pneumatic Support Walker. 

EVA Walker features:

o Heavy duty, padded, molded arm panels which can be removed and sanitized
o Heavy gauge tubular steel construction with baked on epoxy enamel finish
o A cross brace for added strength
o Height adjustable from 35" to 47.5"
o Ergonomically designed handgrips
o Non marring casters
o Step on wheel locks on the rear casters

Optional Accessories:

IV Pole  ($230.00) Oxygen Tank Holder  ($141.00) EVA Suppport Walker Basket
IV Pole Oxygen Tank Holder
D & E Tanks

EVA Support Walker Dimensions:

   o Height adjusts from 35"-47.5"
   o Outside base width is 26  
   o Inside base width (rear) is 23.25" 
   o 19" at the front of base 
   o  Base length is 27"
   o  Inside arm width adjusts from 12-20"
   o  Length of adjustable padded arm is 17 1/2", and 6 1/2" wide.

EVA Support Walker electric models are available:   EVA Electric

Click on the "more pictures" buttom above (under image) to view optional accessories and other views of the walker.

Imported from Norway


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Customer Reviews

This walker is expensive but what a difference it has made for my husband. He can get around the house now. When we had a regular walker it just didn't work for him. Selma Larson, Seattle Washington

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