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Partitioned Scoop Plates with Lid
Partitioned Scoop Plates with Lid

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Partitioned Scoop Plates with Lid

SKU MA74527

Deep, partitioned scoop plates with plastic lid

The Partitioned Scoop Plate is separated into three sections, similar to those heavy duty paper plates, to keep your food separated. The big difference though is these are made of a heavy duty, durable plastic which is microwave and dishwasher safe.

The sides of the plate are also much higher than the paper plate version - 1.5 inches deep. The depth of the rims on the plate allow you to nudge your food onto your spoon or fork with less difficulty.

These plates also come with lids for storing in the refrigerator, etc. The plates are stackable.

The plate is 9 inches in diameter with three separate sections. The largest is almost one half of the plate while the two smaller sections are each about a quarter. They will be great for side dishes such as fruit, vegetable, etc. This plate is perfect for serving an individual in bed or in another location with no worries about spilling the contents.

Available in either Sandstone or Red (for Alzheimers or low vision patients.)

Available individually or in packages of one dozen to reduce the per plate cost.

Please shop carefully, this item is non-returnable.


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Customer Reviews

This plate works really well for my father who has gone blind. He can scoop without mixing all of his food together. Sandra M

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