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Automatic Swing Door Opener Keypad

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Automatic Swing Door Opener Keypad SL201kp
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Want a better solution to the 4-Button transmitter keychain for your automatic door opener? The Automatic Swing Door Opener Keypad provides the utmost in reliable Swing Door security.

It's not just for garage doors anymore!  Interior or exterior doors can be opened with the simple motion of keying in a password.    Any door can open automatically! It works in conjunction with the Automatic Swing Door Opener, or SL50dm, SL100dm or SL150dm.

The Automatic Swing Door Opener Keypad is not only ideal for exterior doors of facilities and residences, but also ideal for doorways requiring automatic entry in public facilities. With the simple touch of the keypad, designated people can enter a room, or part of a building without needing a key!

Up to four passwords can be stored in the Automatic Swing Door Opener Keypad and it is a piece of cake to install! It can be mounted to any wall and does not require electrical wiring. Lithium batteries are included with this product.

It measures approximately 9" x 5 1/2" x 1 1/4".

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