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Bariatric Safety Roller


Bariatric Safety Roller 500 DRce1000XL
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Bariatric Safety Roller 500 DRce1000XLIllustration of Bariatric Safety Roller in folded position with Oxygen Tank Holder, IV Pole and Retractable seat in folded position.Illustration of Bariatric Safety Roller width adjustment abilityBariatric Safety Roller with optional basketBariatric Safety Walker with Optional Forearm PlatformsAnkle Prompts for the Safety Roller are highlighted in Pink
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Optional Accessories:


Wenzelite Bariatric Safety Roller or Cardiac Walker

Constructed with a welded steel frame the safety roller has a built in braking feature for safety.

As the individual applies pressure to the handlebar the braking mechanism is activated. When the brake is engaged, the brake stopper hits the wheel and the wheels cannot roll. This makes the safety walker ideal for those with limited hand motility or limited cognizance.

The walker halts in step with the individual and the braking mechanism automatically engages when the individual stumbles.


Bariactric Cardiac Walker with Adjustable Height and  Width 

The safety roller is height adjustable in 1 inch increments and adjusts to the width of the individual allowing comfortable forearm positioning.

The heavy duty Neoprene wheels are skid resistant, non-marring, easy to roll and swivel for easy navigation.  Suitable for inside or outside use.


Bariatric Safety Roller folds for storage

The Bariatric Safety Roller folds easily and will stand on its own in the folded position for easy storage. 


Available in two weight capacities:


   o Weight capacity up to 500 lbs.

o Weight capacity up to 1000 lbs.


Wenzelite Safety Roller Specifications:

Height Range
Inside Width
Handle Grip
Depth Open
at Base
500 29 - 36" 22.5 - 27.5" 17.5 - 22.5" 25" 19 lbs 500 lbs
1000 29 - 36" 24 - 30" 19 - 25" 25" 29 lbs 1000 lbs

Optional Accessories:



Front mounted wire basket with attachment clips.


Width Adjustable Retractable Seat: 

The brakes are automatically engaged when the seat is in use.  The seat can be folded when not in use.


IV Pole: 

Telescoping IV Pole with mounting bracket.


Oxygen Tank Holder: 

For use with "D" or "E" oxygen cyclinders.


Dial-A-Speed Tabs: 

Provide variable resistance on one or both rear wheels.  Serves as a partial brake and allows the user to control the speed of the Safety Roller.  Each side is independently adjusted and, therefore, allows for alignment of asymmetrical gait patterns.


Swivel Locking Brackets: 

Locking brakets for front swivel wheels ensure straight walking.  They are easily unlocked for increased maneuverability.  To combine the advantages of control and easy maneuverability, you can lock one side and unlock the other side.


Forearm Platforms: 

Mounts anywhere along the handlebar, including the front bar.  Position is determined by the individual's weight bearing needs.  Positioning the mounting bracket and forearm platform close to the walker uprights encourages a more upright position and positioning them farther forward will promote a more of a forward lean.  Can be mounted on the inside or outside of the handlebar.  Mounting brackets are included.


Ankle Prompts: 

Maintains legs and/or feet in abduction, prevents crossing and controls stride length.  Used for individuals with spasticity, poor motor control, ataxia and excessive adduction.


Extended Uprights:

Extends Safety Roller height up to 47 inches. This is a custom  feature you will need to specify the additional height required.  For proper sizing, measure floor to wrist for handlebar height.


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