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Cleanis Care Bag Disposable Bed Pan or Elongated Commode Liners

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Cleanis Care Bag Disposable Commode Liners CM77002
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Cleanis Classic disposable bed pan liners controls odors, eliminates mess

Disposable, gel absorbing commode liners can be tied up immediately after use removing soiled pail from view and smell.   You never have to spill a commode pail again.  Simply line the collection pail with a Care Bag and the cleanup is easy. 

Each Cleanis Care Bag disposable commode liner has a GelMax absorbent pad that quickly absorbs liquids, holds solids and keeps odors in check.

All liquid collected is converted to a gel - no spilling.  And, no odor!  Cleanup is easy as tying the bag closed and disposing in the trash.

Care Bag systems are polyethylene bags with pull tie closures.  Double soldered seams along with the pad means no risk of leaking. 

Comes in a zippered bag of 20 disposable liners with built in tie closures.  Each commode bag is 24 inches by 17 inches.   

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Customer Reviews

by NET Admin on October 11, 2010

Don't even hesitate. Buy these liners your life will be so much easier and nicer. Wilma S, Des Moines, Iowa

by NET Admin on December 8, 2010

My father's caregiver asked me to buy these and I was hesitant but it sure makes a difference when I'm the one having to clean the pot! M B Ashford Virginia

by NET Admin on December 6, 2010

Commode Liners are a "must have" for me. Wouldn't, couldn't do without them. Beverly

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