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Dining with Dignity

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Dining with Dignity DD1001
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Dining with Dignity DD1001
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Dining with Dignity offers individuals who are paraplegic or quadriplegic with grip impairments a way to dine independently. These unique utensils were designed and developed by a professional chef who became paralyzed from an auto accident. He understands and has experienced, first hand, the frustration paraplegics and quadriplegics must feel when it’s meal time.

"I love fine food and fine dining. After the accident, I had to rely on someone to feed me because none of the assisted living products available enabled me to eat independently. Meal time became a simple feeding exercise; I had lost my dining experience. I had to recapture that portion of my life and, well, dine with dignity, independently...even in public. It is simple things like this that seem to help each of us feel better about ourselves. My task was clear."

Now everyone who struggles to grip eating utensils and are able to use their hands can dine with dignity!

Each utensil features a ring on each side of the handle that can be adjusted to accommodate the user's grip and strength. The thumb and forefinger are inserted into the rings and rests on the utensil's base.  The rings and the base are “control points” which allows for a secure and controlled grip and stabilizes the utensil in the user's hand. Even a person with no grip can "hold" these utensils without assistance!

The utensils are made of quality (10/18) stainless steel, including the ring, and are available in two sizes; regular, equivalent to normal size flatware and small to fit smaller hands. There is now a shorter version, recommended for the elderly and children with smaller hands.

Small Size is available in a two piece set of spoon and fork. Regular Size is available in a three piece set of fork, spoon and knife.

Dishwasher safe.

Please shop carefully, this item is non-returnable.

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