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Dycem Non Slip Rolls

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Dycem KE17040 Non slip material used to prevent sliding.  Washable.
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Dycem is a thin non-woven fabric which has been coated on both sides with the Dycem non-slip material. 

Dycem is very flexible and can easily be cut to any size or shape desired.  It is also very malleable so it can easily be fitted around objects to allow easier grasping or non-slip gripping.

Dycem is frequently used as meal tray liners, coasters, etc., but has a multitude of uses including wrapping around steering wheels to enhance the grip.  Great for those with Rheumatoid Arthritis or other with gripping difficulties.

Dycem Benefits:

  • Multipurpose - grips, holds and opens
  • Award winning non-slip properties
  • Reusable - easy to use
  • Non-toxic and Latex free
  • Adhesive free

It is washable and reusable!  When it starts to lose some of its "tack" simply wash in warm soapy water.  It is not recommended for dishwashers. 

ElderStore's is currently offering this product in rolls of Red Dycem 16" by 2 yards.  It is also available by special request in both blue or yellow and in rolls of 8" by 2 yards or 16" by 10 yards.  Delivery time for a special request is approximately 10-14 days. 

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