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Mobility Arm Sling for Wheelchairs

SKU KE65170

Mobility Arm Weight Counter Balance installed on a manual wheelchair
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Mobility Arm Weight Counter Balance installed on a manual wheelchairMobility Arm on a manual wheelchairMobility Arm installed on and electric wheelchair using KE65181 Bracket for Electric Wheelchair with a HeadrestAdjustable weights for the Mobility Arm
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Price shown is for the Mobility Arm with Adjustable Weights and Standard Bracket




The Mobility Arm™ is similar to the Swedish Help Arm or the Euro Sling as it was designed to counter balance the weight of the individual's arm. 

However, it has the advantage of being portable and  transferable.  The Mobility Arm attaches directly to the back of your wheelchair and therefore can be used in any room your wheelchair can go. 

The Mobility Arm may be used for the left or the right arm and the standard wheelchair bracket (both manual wheelchairs or electric) will accommodate the use of two (2) Mobility Arms at the same time.

Adjustability Benefits of the Mobility Arm

  • The "arm tube" can be adjusted to provide reach assistance

  • The counter balance weight can be increased or decreased

  • The cross bar features numerous adjustment positions providing arm support at the exact point required by the user

  • Internal and/or external shoulder rotation can be restricted by positioning steel pins (included) in the "red bearing housing." 

How the Mobility Arm attaches to your wheelchair

On manual wheelchairs, the cross bar attaches to the wheelchair's push handles.  A bracket is available for those wheelchair's that have slanted push handles.

On electric wheelchairs with headrests, a bracket is available that attaches securely to the headrest's posts. 

The arm  supports fasten with Velcro™ fasteners that are easily adjusted for various arm lengths. 


#65170 - Mobility Arm ($2698.00)

       Adjustable Weight System

Standard C Bracket for manual wheelchairs

#65173 - Mobility Arm ($2,137.00)

Standard weights

Standard C Bracket for manual wheelchairs

#65177 - Mobility Arm  ($2,035.00)

Standard weights

No bracket



#65181 - Bracket for electric wheelchairs with headrest ($440.00)

#65182 - Bracket for manual wheelchairs with "slanted" push handles  ($513.00)

#65183 - Adjustable Incliner for #65182 Bracket  ($99.00)

#65184 - Adjustable Incliner for #65182 Bracket  ($99.00)

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